About the Author

Hey there! I am Linda Yoon, Korean and American who is currently living in Illinois. I work as a business analyst in healthcare/clinical and business intelligence and studied sustainable development for my masters degree. I am an autoimmune disease warrior and super passionate at sustainable lifestyle, environment and travels. I love trying the new recipes and the ways to find the lifestyle that “suits best for me”.

Amid emerging new information of wellness and sustainable lifestyle, I questioned myself. Is there an absolute answer for what ‘the best lifestyle’ is? My answer is ‘No’. Every individual has different personalities and ‘very’ different lifestyles accordingly with their situation, living environment and individual preference. Just like, dogs need plenty of outdoor activities while cats need 20 hours of sleep a day. 🙂

Here, using this website/blog, I want to start finding ‘the best lifestyle’ for myself and build my own rituals. If you want to join with me and find your rituals, please feel free to share your stories in my blog and be the inspirations for others. Let’s start it today with me!